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All-In-One eGovernment Software 

YSASOF has a comprehensive e-government offering, geared to the specific processes and imperatives of the public sector. These powerful tools help agencies to boost efficiency, and to deliver new and enhanced services for citizens and other stakeholders – despite rising cost pressures. At the same time, they guarantee the highest standards of security and data protection.

e-Government ERP Package

Integrated Systems covering; Permit Management, Procurement, Asset Management, Human Resources, Inventory, LGU Accounting, BI Reporting

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Streamline the citation process while improving citation accuracy and officer safety with an electronic citation app for a win-win solution in your city or municipality.

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License Plate Recognition

Automatic number-plate recognition  is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates to create vehicle location data.

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Traffic Data Collection Services

 Accuracy in traffic data collection is fundamental in planning and execution in traffic management.  We have cost efficeient way for gathering traffic data using our software algorithym.

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Real-time vehicle counting

Conventional though not wide-spread methods of Traffic data collection rely heavily on the usage of radar technology and traffic sensors that is both expensive and hard to maintain or replace – hence limited installations. Applying YSASOF Deep Learning in Computer Vision and, in particular, object counting to vehicle detection and counting overcomes these drawbacks in the blink of an eye – no pun intended. The computer vision technology allows collecting of traffic data from the standard CCTV camera stream making our solution non-intrusive, fully wireless and easy to install or adjust.


Traffic Simulation & Analysis

Road infrastructure planning is always a challenge, with the need to avoid congestion, allow for traffic growth, and meet the requirements of budgets and the city environment. Traffic light sequencing and timing, and placement of road network objects (such as parking bays, bus stops, and access lanes), all have a direct influence on traffic flow and capacity. 

We are using data harversted using our optical software algorithm and together with our simulation software we can create a model and what if senarios before you implement your traffic routes.

Our Industry Solutions 

Generic solutions can’t address industry-specific challenges. That’s why YSASOF ERP is full packed with industry-specific best practices, processes, and tools to give business users the exact functionality they need, when and where they need it. Whether you’re running a small business, a midsize company or a large enterprise, each industry portfolio is based on an in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive your business.


Manage production order for make to stock or make to order scenario. fully integrated to inventory management and purchasing. 


Retail Point of Sale

YSASOF Flexiretail POS solutions is designed for SMB retail industry to manage the day to day operations. Fully integrated to Accounting, Inventory and Purchasing.


Hotel & Resorts

Managing all aspec of your Hotel & Resort daily operations

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Manage your patients with their important details including family info, prescriptions, appointments, diseases, insurances, lifestyle, mental & social status, lab test details, invoices and surgical histories.

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Latest News @ YSASOF


July 2018 – Tanuan City Batangas, Traffic Management Office of Tanauan City Joints YSASOF for the eCitation App case study. YSASOF presented the proof of concept and benefits. This is[…]

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UNILAB Went Live

March 2018 – Mandaluyong Philippines, The F&B department of UNILAB went live using YSASOF POS with integration to YSASOF ERP back of the house and UNILAB corporate SAP ERP. Serving[…]

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About Us

YSASOF Business Solutions Inc. was founded by Mr. Jay Angeles and his wife Ruby Mea- Angeles incorporated in 2015 by a group of professionals with experience working in the industry of F&B, Hotel Management and Semi-conductor and Electronics.

YSASOF started the operation in 2015 at the home office of Mr. Jay Angeles the founder and CEO of YSASOF. Jay Angeles contracted 3 full time developers to convert his conceptual design to a system application to be delivered for first customer.

It was Q1 of 2016 when YSASOF was accredited by a big pharmaceutical company based in Manila Philippines to develop custom ERP solutions. This deal with the big pharma company opens the door for YSASOF to compete to the IT market in the Philippines. To Date, YSASOF deployed dozens of systems applications for micro, small and mid-size company in the Philippines.